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About Happywrap® Gift Wrapping

What can you wrap in a Happywrap®? Loads of things! The design allows the fabric to be pulled securely around the gift using the attached ribbons, which can be crossed over and around the gift as many times as needed until you have just enough for your bow. Different sizes are available, just check the size guide at the bottom of this page for details.


Fabrics range from 100% cotton to satins, taffeta and some great vintage fabrics! All gift wraps can be washed, tumble dried and ironed if desired. We recommend using a low temperature setting and washing dark colours separately.


The Happywrap® story…

Happywrap® began when trying to think of a way to wrap gifts without getting in a mess with sticky tape, accidentally tearing the paper and the inevitable disappointment when all that effort quickly descends to nothing more than waste paper. Although much thought may have gone into the gift itself, the wasteful wrapping seemed to cheapen the act of giving. It deserved something better.


Inspiration sprung from a famous old English Folk tale called Dick Whittington, where our hero is characterised by carrying his worldly belongings wrapped in a red and white handkerchief.  Before paper was so readily available, many cultures would have used fabric to wrap all sorts of things and it would have been used many times over.  In Japan the art of wrapping with fabric is called Furoshiki.


Now, there are many different knots and techniques for fabric wrapping, but something simpler was needed.  Something that could secure the fabric and add that touch of elegance that every gift giving occasion deserves.  Ribbons…….neatly attached to the fabric, in a similar way to how string was used to secure parcels years ago, crossed over and tied in a bow…….beautiful.


As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around, so give a Happywrap® with your next gift and it will pass on from person to person, around family and friends, spreading a smile on its way that will most likely make its way back to you.

Happywrap Size Guide

Happywraps come in four sizes, so to help you find the perfect fit for your gifts, we've put together this handy guide:

Tiny - Fabric measures 20x20cm (8x8 inches), perfect for earrings, cufflinks, set of 4 coasters, deck of cards, compact mirror.

Small - Fabric measures 45x45cm (17x17 inches), perfect for wrapping DVDs, books, bottle of wine, Kindle, iPad.

Medium - Fabric measures 70x70cm (27x27 inches), great for wrapping board games, portable radio, shoe box, toys, shirts.

Large - Fabric measures 100x100cm (39x39 inches), for wrapping framed paintings, boxed canvas prints, food hamper, toolbox, jewellery box.