The full range of happywraps available can be viewed at our new website at

Happywraps come in four sizes, so to help you find the perfect fit for your gifts, we've put together this handy guide:

Tiny - Fabric measures 20x20cm (8x8 inches), perfect for earrings, cufflinks, set of 4 coasters, deck of cards, compact mirror.

Small - Fabric measures 45x45cm (17x17 inches), perfect for wrapping DVDs, books, bottle of wine, Kindle, iPad.

Medium - Fabric measures 70x70cm (27x27 inches), great for wrapping board games, portable radio, shoe box, toys, shirts.

Large - Fabric measures 100x100cm (39x39 inches), for wrapping framed paintings, boxed canvas prints, food hamper, toolbox, jewellery box.